I'm Natalie Glebova and today I want to tell you 3 secrets of how to have more love in your life.

Part of living your life feeling like a winner is having satisfying and close-knit relationships in your life. And I’m not talking just about romantic ones. The most important relationship you will ever have in your life is one with yourself!

That’s why...

Secret Number 1 ​- Self-love

Do you feel that you are lacking in self-love, do you have low confidence, do you play the victim or the blame-game with yourself? If you do, I bet that this is affecting every relationship you have with others? I am teaching the principles of attracting more love into your life by focusing first on 3 elements of self-love

And what are they, you might be wondering?

1. Self-Awareness - how well do you really know yourself? When you know who you are, you will know what you want and deserve

2. Self-Care - if you don’t give yourself time, space, care, and attention, you won’t be capable of taking care of others or be a good partner

3. Self-Improvement - becoming the best version you can be with discipline and daily habits will help you gain confidence and love for yourself

Secret Number 2 - ​Give more love

Ask yourself, “how can I GIVE more love?” Learning to give love outwardly, will return the same energy back to you. It’s the universal laws of attraction and energy balance.

Do you feel alone?

Do you crave to have deep bonding and closeness with another human being?

Do you feel your current relationship is not satisfying that craving for love that you need?

If you focus on those feelings of lack, you will never receive what you long for most. I want to teach you how to turn those negative feelings into loving ones that will make you a magnet for attracting love into your life.

Lastly, the importance of your​ female/male energy balance​ cannot be overlooked.

Secret Number 3 - Maintain a balance of your masculine and feminine energy

If you have an imbalance of these energies, you will be attracting the wrong people into your life. There are activities and exercises you can do to even out that imbalance.

Simply by identifying which energy is present in excess and which one is lacking, you will be able to take the steps I teach to get exactly the type of person or the type of relationship you need to make you satisfied with your love life. And that will also help your current relationship get better!

I am teaching all these 3 secrets, plus much more in my online 5-week Masterclass called ​WIN IN LOVE - Attract The Love You Deserve​. It’s a small group of people, and I provide a customized approach to each person, with direct access to me at all times throughout the course. 


Book your free game-changer call with me, and see if this is the right course for you.


You might be single and ready for the perfect partner, or already in a relationship that you want to improve, either way, this course is going to help you achieve the awareness, balance, and development you need in order to get what you want from your love life.

You deserve to have more love in your life - it is your birthright and your default mode. To start with loving yourself, learn to give more love, and balance out your opposing energies.

Those are the 3 secrets and that’s how you start winning in love.

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