Welcome to your transformative journey with me in WIN THE CROWN Masterclass!

I am certain that you are eager to get going and kickstart the process of becoming your own dream woman, one who believes she deserves to win!

In this first week, I’m going to take you through your pageant preparation plan, how to manifest your goal into reality, and how to truly get to know and fall in love with yourself.

After all, self-love is probably the most important ingredient in my recipe for how to win in pageants and in life!

Theme of this week: Taking your preparation to the next level


  • 3 secrets of your physical, mental & spiritual preparation
  • The 4-step System To Be The Last One Standing
  • What is true Self-Confidence & how to have it
  • Creating your Winning Action Plan & Your Ideal Self
  • Manifesting the result you want using Universal Energy Laws

What else you will learn:

  • Self-realization and awareness of yourself on a deeper level
  • Falling in love with yourself by re-writing your own story
  • How to become resilient to negativity & criticism
  • Chakras and your bioenergetic field introduction 

This week's assignments:

  • Read module 1 eBook - Build Your Winning Mindset
  • Complete all three worksheets
  • Complete the "I Am Exercise"
  • Read your bonus eBook: 5 steps to win your day eBook
  • Create your Winning Action Plan for your pageant

This week's challenge:

  • Tune into the frequency of Gratitude as you wake up in the morning with mindfulness practices - don't be tempted to grab your phone
  • Create a winning morning routine (as described in the eBook: 5 steps to win your day)
  • Get a journal and start writing lists, insights or simply doodle :)
  • Print out your "I Am" statements and put them all around your home to see them as often as you can

Book recommendations:

  • The Book of Joy by The Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu - full of positivity and joy and tips on how you can add more of that to your life through storytelling of these great spiritual leaders of our time
  • Humankind - A Hopeful History by Rutger Bregman - a great read to restore faith in humanity and see the brighter side of human nature. It's a wonderful book to quote and bring in concepts from a historical perspective to many of the world's current issues that you will be likely asked to discuss in pageant interviews and questions. Perfect read for a pageant contestant who wants "world peace" ;)

Winning vibes only!


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