Welcome to the second-to-last week of your journey with me to Win the Crown!

This week is all about how to become a great speaker and communicator. Interview and final answer seem to be the most difficult and nerve-wrecking part of the pageant for some contestants. But it won’t be for you after you see what I have in store for you!


Theme of this week: Making public speaking your secret weapon


  • 3 elements of a great interview
  • How to get the judges to fall in love with you
  • 9 ways to have a killer interview
  • 5 things to do before your interview
  • How to give a winning final answer
  • Natalie’s Winning Answer Formula
  • Balancing your throat chakra

What else you will learn:

  • Getting present and centered before you answer any question
  • Reading body language and other cues from others
  • Managing your nerves before and during the interview
  • Using humor and being relatable
  • How to sound intelligent, well-informed and current
  • Speaking in "threes" to get your point across and make an impact

This week's assignments:

  • Read Module 4 eBook - Pageant interview & final answer guide
  • Find a list of 5-10 quotes and memorize at least 3 from your role models or people who have influenced the world
  • Make a list of at least 3 statistics about your platform and each of the current world's issues
  • Practice balancing your throat chakra for better self-expression and more authentic communication (video tutorial)
  • Practice answering 3 questions from the list in this week's eBook manual every day in front of the mirror or on camera
  • Complete the Interview prep worksheet

This week's challenge:

  • Find a join you local Toastmasters club
  • Prepare and record your opening statement or final statement as practice for competing in the pageant, post on the Facebook group if you want feedback
  • Do a Facebook or Instagram Live to help you become a more confident speaker and move through the fear of speaking on camera

Book recommendations:

  • Your bonus eBook 7 Qualities of a Winner - my latest published book that reminds you why taking on these 7 qualities as part of your daily practice is going to make you feel and appear as a total winner in life: Grateful, Fearless, Resilient, Curious, Confident, Generous and Aware.
  • Talk Like TED: The 9 Public-Speaking Secrets of the World's Top Minds by Carmine Gallo
  • How to Make Anyone Fall in Love With You by Leil Lowndes - an oldie but a goldie! You can use the tips from this book to charm just about anyone and become more attractive, magnetic and charismatic. This book is geared towards romantic love, but I think the tools can be applicable to your judges as well. It's all about building that rapport and finding those common threads.

You will keep getting better at anything the more often you do it, so keep practicing your speaking daily - it has to be part of your routine. If you don't have anyone to practice with, get your phone out and record your answers as if you are speaking to someone or you are on stage. Then watch the videos and give yourself a mental reward for doing something so uncomfortable but useful. Critique your answers and make notes of what could be improved. Only through constant repetition and getting feedback is answering interview questions going to be effortless. I believe in you!

Have a winning week ahead!


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