Week 5 » Instructions

We have reached the last week of the Win The Crown Masterclass, and it's a time to reflect and look back at how far you have come.

But the journey is not over yet! 

This week we are talking about building a solid online persona. As a pageant contestant and future titleholder you are a public figure, so it is very important to have a strong online presence, great content and connection with your fans. 

Building a winning brand (yes, you are your own brand) is combining all of your unique talents, experiences and passions and packaging it up in a nice little bundle to present to the world.

Theme of this week: Designing and creating your personal brand


  • What type of content should you post
  • 4 steps to create a strong online brand
  • 5 ways to connect to your audience and build trust
  • How to narrow down your core message & brand identity
  • Your IG bio, captions and quotes

What else you will learn:

  • Writing an eBook or manual is not as hard as you think
  • How to provide massive VALUE to your followers
  • Making your photos look professional like a true influencer
  • Tools for creating personalized artwork & infographics
  • Making yourself into an authority figure in your field

This week's assignments:

  • Complete Building my brand essence worksheet
  • Update your IG and FB bios to look professional and worthy of a titleholder
  • Make a list of quotes or statistics that relate to your platform to share with your audience
  • Open a free Canva.com account to make your own designs for the quotes/stats
  • Read Natalie's Guide To A Winning Social Media Brand ebook- to get ideas for posts you can start making daily

This week's challenge:

  • Go through your IG/ FB feed and delete any posts that can hurt your brand image
  • Go Live on Instagram or Facebook to talk about your platform or cause, or even about your pageant journey
  • Make at least one (1-min) video this week for your feed relating to your core message

Book recommendations:

  • Visual Hammer by Laura Reis - this short and easy read will help you develop your personal brand and understand the psychology behind big marketing firms' advertising/branding campaigns. You will learn how to visually/verbally hammer down your core message so your audience can understand and relate to your brand.
  • BE by Jessica Zweig - A no Bullsh*t guide to increasing your net worth & self worth by simply being yourself.

Enjoy building your personal brand and don't be afraid to experiment - that's the only way to fine-tune it into something that you'll be proud of years down the line.

As you continue on your way towards the pageant week, final competition and beyond, you can continue the wonderful habits you have picked up in this course and keep making progress towards an improved version of yourself. The work really never stops when it comes to self-development!

Keep on winning!


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