Dear Winner,

Welcome to week 2 of WIN IN LOVE Masterclass!

This week you will learn to raise your vibration to the frequency of the highest force in the Universe - Love! I will help you find inner balance and clear past emotional baggage and work with you to open you up to healthy relationships.

When you fully believe that Love is your birthright and it is an energy that is available to you anytime you wish, the right people manifest themselves into your life. And this week we will take a look at what energetic blockages may be holding you back from attracting that ideal love.

Theme of this week: Tuning into the frequency of love


  • Breath & body awareness to stay in the present moment
  • Balancing the masculine/feminine energy
  • Opening your heart chakra
  • 7 ways to raise your vibration

What else you will learn:

  • Setting your intention to attract love to your life
  • Breathwork and meditation techniques
  • How to remove emotional blockages to clear your channel for receiving love
  • How to win your day, every day

This week's assignments:

  • Read the Complete Chakra Guidebook & Self-assessment eBook (do the assessment to see which chakra might need most work)
  • Listen to the guided meditations to raise your vibration
  • Complete the worksheets: "Chakra Questionnaire" and "My Winning Day"
  • Read and complete the "Balancing female/male energy guide & worksheet"
  • Do the breath work exercises daily as shown in the video tutorial
  • Try the Heart chakra opening yoga flow

These are an important part of developing yourself further into your "ideal" self and for reprogramming the subconscious limiting beliefs that hold you back from living with most confidence and being available for love to come into your life.

The 3 guided meditations that I provide for you will help you with your meditation practice. These are a wonderful way to raise your vibration, emanate love and compassion to others with your energy, and further discover and heal yourself through on an emotional level.

Winning vibes only!


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