Dear Winner,

We continue today with module 3 of WIN IN LOVE Masterclass!

This is a very special week, because I will be introducing to you the concept of the "quantum realm of possibilities." This is a place we go into (with guidance from a hypno-therapist) to experience an imaginary scenario or situation that already exists in some other dimension - i.e. your imagination.

With the power of your own mind, using special visualization techniques that I will introduce to you, you will be able to experience this other alternate reality in real time - here and now!

That is how we can manifest things we want into our life, by using tools like "quantum realm" "color therapy" and "energy healing" - all of which I will showcase to you so you can create your own reality, heal yourself, and become your ideal self.

Theme of the week: Designing your ideal love life


  • Quantum realm of possibilities
  • Color therapy
  • Drawing your desired new reality
  • Affirmations & Incantations for manifesting what you want

What else you will learn:

  • How to visualize more effectively that you already have your perfect love life
  • How I manifested my ideal partner and married him

This week's assignments:

  • Record your affirmations about your ideal partner or ideal relationship in your own voice and listen before sleep
  • Draw your desired new reality or make a vision board with your color of success
  • Try going into the "quantum realm" on your own with music provided

Isn't it empowering to know we can create our own miracles and we are in charge of our lives having tools like this at our disposal?

Yes, life will never be the same again after you learn these techniques, which I am super excited to share with you!

To your winning life!


Complete and Continue