Dear Winner,

We are now at the last module of WIN IN LOVE Masterclass, before you book your 1-on-1 session with me.

This is the session where I want to show you how you can build and sustain a loving relationship with the partner that you are manifesting (or the one you currently have in your life).

Perfect relationships do exist when you master exceptional communication, mutual admiration, common vision for the future, and managing expectations.

My husband Dean joins this week as my co-lecturer to offer a male perspective and weigh in with his tips on how he keeps the fire burning in our temple of love!

Theme of this week: Building the temple of love with your partner


  • 7 jewels of a winning relationship
  • Living with non-resistance & non-attachment
  • Opening the love energy channel
  • Action steps to build a rock-solid Temple of Love

What else you will learn:

  • How to top waiting and start attracting love
  • What men truly want / What women truly want

This week's assignments:

  • Complete the worksheet: "Opening the love energy channel"
  • Practice balancing the throat chakra with the video tutorial
  • Try the Surrender meditation and pose

Continue the work on yourself and becoming your ideal self - that is the only way you can truly fall in love with yourself over and over again, and believe that you deserve only the best love there is! Keep visiting the quantum realm to experience your ideal love life. And keep giving love to everyone around you, every day - to keep that energy channel open for more love to come to you.

And keep on winning!


Complete and Continue