Dear Winner, 

Welcome to your transformative journey with me in WIN IN LOVE Masterclass. I am certain that you are eager to get going and kickstart the process of becoming your own "ideal self"!

In this first week, I’m going to help you design that ideal version of yourself so you can become your own role model. Only by working on our personal development can we start to fall deeper in love with who we are and earn that trust, worthiness and confidence in ourselves.

And of course that's the first step to manifesting more love into your life!

Theme of this week: Becoming your own "dream woman" or "dream man"


  • The 3 pillars of self love
  • Making a vision of your "ideal self" and "ideal life"
  • Reprogramming your beliefs about love
  • The 7 types of self-care

What else you will learn:

  • Self-realization and awareness of yourself on a deeper level
  • Falling in love with yourself by re-writing your own story
  • How to meditate and observe your thoughts
  • Reconnect to your inner child to discover total self-love

This week's assignments:

  • Complete the "I Am Exercise"
  • Complete all worksheets: "My Ideal Self" and "Knowing myself better"
  • Schedule some self-care into your printable calendar
  • Read the eBook - Your Workbook For Self-Love

Have a winning week ahead!


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