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My love story I never told anyone before

Back in 2013 I had had enough disappointments in my lovelife!

After suffering through a toxic relationship, I was ready for something and someone real.

I got introduced to a guy through a mutual friend, and decided to meet him in the south of France while I was there for the Grand Prix event. He made a very good impression on me... he was well-mannered, educated, financially secure and good looking.

He seemed “perfect on paper”

We spent an incredible week together getting to know each other and enjoying the beautiful French Riviera in the summer. I felt almost sure that I had finally met someone who could check off all the items on my list.

As we said goodbye and had to return to our own home countries, we decided to keep in touch and see where we can take this relationship from there.

A few weeks went by, a few phone calls here and there, and I was starting to feel us growing apart - there was no effort on his part to try and bridge the distance. I wanted a relationship, a true partnership, a person I could build a life together with, but it seemed he was not on the same “page” as me. 

It was very distressing to have a person who, by all accounts, seemed like my perfect match, not mirroring my intentions and not wanting to take things to the next level. It suited him to have a long-distance, easy-going relationship over the phone.

But I wanted more!

After a few more very “confusing” weeks where I didn’t know where we stood in terms of our commitment to each other, I decided to end it right there.

After all, I knew what I wanted, the type of person I wanted, and that I wouldn't settle for anything less than I believed I deserved.

That's when I decided I'm going to take my destiny and love life in my own hands...

I took a page of a notebook to write out my non-negotiable agreements that needed to be filled by the person who would eventually become my boyfriend (and possibly husband):

  • No long-distance;
  • No “it’s complicated”;
  • No “light dating”;
  • No flakey and non-committed men

Then I took it a step further and wrote out a very detailed list describing my "ideal partner."

The list was 5 pages long!

It was as though I wrote a character description in a novel. He was someone who would be there for me for the long-haul. Someone I could grow and evolve together with. Someone who would support me in my work and family goals.

The list included all the qualities, personality traits, values, habits, and appearance of this "dream man" in the greatest detail. I worked obsessively on this list for weeks, looking it over every night and every morning, while adding and editing it until I felt it was just right.

I resolved to not get involved with anyone who didn’t seem interested in the same things I was - a trusting, committed and healthy relationship.

I declined approaches of those men who didn't share my vision for that type of relationship. And I didn’t get distracted by casual dating just for the sake of going on dates.

It was all or nothing!

I held out on my resolve and in a few months, a person whom I didn’t even consider as a potential partner, manifested himself in the most surprising way!

It was one of my long-time friends - someone who I had known and spent time together with a lot over the past year. We had the same social circle where we did charity fundraisers and events. He shared similar interests and passions as me.

He WAS that "perfect partner" I had described in my list!

The Universe works in mysterious ways...and pleasantly surprises us in the process!

Dean, who I didn't consider at first as someone who would tick all the checkmarks on my list, manifested himself as my dream partner!

While we were getting to know each other as friends, I realized that Dean was exactly the man I visualized and dreamt of. He wanted all the same things that I did - intimacy, connection, bonding, and a family of his own.

It was evident he was the right match for me within just months of us starting to date.

And the rest, as they say, is history!

We are now married and have a beautiful daughter Maya ❤️👨‍👩‍👧

And not a day goes by without us saying to each other,

"Are we winning, babe, or what?"

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