Week 4 » Instructions

Dear winner, 

Welcome to week 4 of Win The Year Masterclass - Your Journey To Become A Winner For Life!

You have done the fabulous work on setting up your daily winning habits and actions that with consistency and dedication are going to add up to your "ideal self." Now the work is cut out for you to keep up the habits and stick to your new morning routine.

This week, we will be focusing on doing the internal work on the subconscious mind, and the fears or limiting beliefs that hold you back from realizing your unlimited potential. You are powerful and you are capable to do, be, or have anything you can imagine!

Theme of this week: Reprogramming your subconscious mind


  • Fear setting & Goal setting
  • Beta, Alpha & Theta brain wave states
  • Value based reasoning vs. emotion-based reasoning
  • Affirmations vs. incantations

What else you will learn:

  • How to overrule the inner-critic
  • Why you should record your own affirmations
  • What confident people do &don't do
  • Benefits of hypnotherapy

This week's assignments:

  • Work on “Reprogramming my beliefs” worksheet
  • Listen to one of the hypnotherapy sessions at least 4 times (one per day)
  • Read the eBook "Achieving Total Food Freedom"
  • Continue your mindfulness & breath work practices daily

Reprogramming your subconscious mind takes time and patience, and most of all consistency. You must stay vigilant in observing your thoughts and be pragmatic in speaking your affirmations and incantations daily.

Along with the seven daily winning practices for balancing your chakras that I introduced last week, working through your emotional blocks and fears is going to allow your energy to flow freely! And that means allow you to live as a winner every day!

Winning vibes only,


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