Week 5 » Instructions

Dear winner, 

Welcome to your second to last week of Win The Year Masterclass - Your Journey To Become A Winner For Life!

Let's talk about energy this week - more specifically your energetic state of being.

You are in direct control of your mental/emotional state, which I also call your "internal state."  It is so important to stay vigilant in observing how outside forces influence your reactions and consequently affect the vibes you send out into the world with your thoughts and emotions. I am going to share with you how to enjoy peak vibrational states anytime you wish!

Theme of this week: Raising your energetic vibration


  • Visualizing effectively - The "BEST" method
  • Your life audit - surround yourself with winners
  • Tuning into the frequency of Love
  • Setting SMART Goals

What else you will learn:

  • 7 ways to raise your vibration instantly
  • How to become less emotionally reactive
  • How to deal with negative people
  • How to practice gratitude effectively

This week's assignments:

  • Complete “Accomplishments & Aspirations” worksheet
  • Take a cool/cold shower for a few seconds every morning
  • Practice “loving kindness” meditation
  • Go outside (be in nature) for a few minutes each day
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables every day
  • Practice gratitude in your journal or in your prayer daily
  • Continue your affirmations & incantations practice; breath work techniques; and body & breath awareness meditations

Before we venture into the "Quantum Realm of Possibilities" next week, I want to make sure you know how to manage your energetic state, because you can only get positive results when your vibration is high.

I am so excited to help you raise your vibes to be joyful and radiant so that everyone you interact with will notice the positive difference! Pretty soon this new state will become your new way of being - your default mode - and you won't need to consciously try to do anything. You will simply have the energy and aura of a winner!

Winning vibes your way,


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