Week 2 » Instructions

Dear Winner, 

You are one week down, five more to go on the journey towards having a winning year!

Last week you got closer to designing the vision of the kind of life you want to have - keep that vision strong in your mind with daily visualization and looking over your new empowering affirmations on your “I Am” poster. 

Now it is time to turn your attention inward and start to channel the energy of love to your core - your true self - your inner being.

After all, you can't be a winner this year and in your life if you don't fully love yourself. That means loving ALL of your imperfections and flaws (everyone has them), forgiving yourself for any and all past mistakes, and honoring your eternal formless presence.

Theme of this week: Falling in love with your true essence


  • Discovering the vertical dimension of yourself
  • Going beyond the “ego” and limits of the mind
  • The 3 Pillars of Self-Love
  • Forgiveness & self-worth

What else you will learn:

  • How to design your "Ideal self" and become her/him
  • Managing your emotional state with thought awareness
  • Body and breath awareness
  • Reconnecting to your inner child

This week's assignments:

  • Read the eBook: Your Workbook For Self-Love
  • Complete "My Ideal Self" worksheet
  • Schedule time for yourself this week using the "Self-care calendar"
  • Complete "Knowing myself better" worksheet
  • Practice your body & breath awareness meditation daily
  • Listen to the guided meditation 3 times per week

After doing the exercises and meditations this week, please check in with yourself to see how you are doing in the self-love department. It won't be an overnight change, so please stick to your 3 daily actions that remind you of what your "ideal self" is like and move towards being that person with patience and commitment.

Practice thought awareness with steps discussed in the lecture this week; stay mindful of everything you say about yourself (and to yourself) using only positive words; and get into the habit of becoming aware of your body and breathing throughout the day.

I've included a breath work tutorial video for you this week. Please watch it and follow along to practice those important techniques daily for best results.

I would also like to challenge you to pick up a regular yoga practice. There are millions of YouTube videos you can follow, or you can go to a local Yoga studio. I also post regular yoga videos for different chakra balancing on the Winning Vibes Facebook group, so please do make time for that. A regular practice will give you clarity of the mind, energize your body and bring balance to every area of your life.

Winning vibes your way,


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