Did you know that the most important element that makes you a winner in a pageant (and in life) is your ENERGY?

Many pageant trainers focus only on physical and mental preparation when they coach pageant contestants. I believe that we must not overlook the spiritual aspect as well. After all, the energy that makes us alive is an integral part of what we present to the world and how we feel about ourselves.

With my personalised approach to coaching we will take a holistic approach and focus on all: physical, mental and energetic elements of your preparation. With spiritual practices and energy-healing techniques, alongside a rock-solid action plan, you will experience a game-changing shift in how you show up in the competition. 


  • 5 one-on-one video call sessions with Natalie - 1.5-2 hours each
  • Lifetime access to all 5-modules of Win the Crown course curriculum
  • Personal feedback on all of your submitted assignments and worksheets plus progress tracking
  • Direct contact to Natalie through WhatsApp with unlimited amount of questions you can ask her
  • Graphic design support - 2 custom-made artworks for your Instagram/Facebook template or banner
  • Feedback and coaching on your runway walk
  • Energy healing & visualisation meditation to raise your vibration
  • Introduction to fashion designers for your evening gown


  • winning pageant training ACTION PLAN based on Natalie's goal-setting method
  • Strategies to achieve your DREAM BODY for the competition without unrealistic diets and exercises
  • ​A winning ONLINE PERSONAL BRAND and Instagram makeover
  • ​Ability to ANSWER ANY INTERVIEW QUESTION confidently and authentically
  • Natalie's simple WINNING FINAL ANSWER FORMULA to wow the judges
  • ​Tools to STAY PRESENT and not get "psyched out" by your competition
  • ​A WINNER'S AURA that will make you the one to beat

Whether you are new to pageants or you've competed before, this training is for you. The value of true self-worth, total self-confidence and becoming the woman you believe deserves to win is priceless!

Winning vibes only.

Love, Natalie Glebova

Course Curriculum

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  Module 1 » Win The Crown
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  Module 2 » Win The Crown
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  Module 3 » Win The Crown
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  Module 4 » Win The Crown
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  Module 5 » Win The Crown
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I am an author and Miss Universe 2005. I will teach you how to become an unstoppable force in the competition with thoughts and emotions so powerful, that you will effortlessly channel the winning energy to advance to the top.

If you have a dream to wear the prestigious crown and compete on the national and international stage proudly representing your state or country, please listen...

You are powerful and you can create anything! You just need to tap into that vibrational frequency which we all have access to.  Get all of my winning methods to gain self-confidence, belief in yourself and to uncover your limitless potential in order to compete at the highest level. 


"Win The Crown"

Testimonials & Success Stories

Alyssa Boston

Miss Universe Canada 2019

Training with Natalie was a game-changer in my pageant journey. By sharing her knowledge about how she won Miss Universe I could apply it to my own training and feel more prepared. Staying present and calm, just like we learned to do in our visualization sessions, helped me to perform better than I ever have, and ultimately to win the crown of Miss Universe Canada 2019!” 

Marta Stepien

Miss Universe Canada 2018

Top 10 finalist at Miss Universe 2018

“Training with Natalie gave me an edge in the competition at the international level by thinking of myself as a winner, feeling confident and prepared and performing with more awareness and presence which took me all the way to top 10 at Miss Universe!

Mehr Eliezer

Miss Universe Panama 2019

With the help of Natalie's winning-mindset method I won Miss Panama and went on to compete at Miss Universe! Being trained by a former Miss Universe, judge and coach was the best preparation for an international competition!