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Did you know that the most important element that makes you a winner in a pageant (and in life) is your ENERGY?

Many pageant trainers focus only on physical and mental preparation when they coach pageant contestants. I believe that we must not overlook the energetic aspect as well.

Who you are on an energetic level determines your reality and the outcome of your goals.

With my one-of-a-kind personal training we will take a holistic approach and focus on all: physical, mental and energetic elements of your preparation. 


Find out your eating type to improve your relationship with food
Natalie’s tips and methods to achieve total body confidence
Discovering a healthy eating plan that fits YOU
Guided exercise video to tone up for swimsuit
How to stay mindful when it comes to food and exercise
Managing emotional/addictive eating patterns

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Testimonials & Success Stories

Amelia Tu

Miss Universe Canada 2022

“Thanks to Natalie’s formula for giving a winning final answer I won my national title and will now represent Canada at Miss Universe! I also used her breathing techniques in every part of the competition, which calmed my nerves and kept me centered in the present moment all the way to the crown!

Jaime VandenBerg

Miss World Canada 2021

Natalie transformed my mindset into one of a winner and not only in the pageant but for my LSAT prep and life itself. I used her breathing and meditation methods before and during my pageants to stay present and perform confidently and ultimately to win the crown!"

Maria Thattil

Miss Universe Australia 2020

“It’s so special to have Natalie as a mentor and to be able to interact with her so intimately in our personal training sessions. Thanks to her Winning Energy and mindfulness techniques for nailing the interview, I was very calm and present during the Miss Universe 2020 pageant which took me all the way to TOP 10 at Miss Universe!

Madison Kvaltin

Miss International Canada 2022

"Natalie helped show me the importance of developing and embracing my truest self. She teaches a beautiful 3-part formula to give the most powerful winning answer that's how I was able to speak from the heart for the final question. I don’t think I would be the woman I am today without her help and guidance!”

Nova Stevens

Miss Universe Canada 2020

It is SO worth it! This was one of the best investments for my self-development. Most pageant girls dread the final question; Natalie’s precise and easy-to-remember Winning Answer Formula made me look forward to the final round. It helped me ace my interview and deliver an answer that got me the crown!

Sarah Loinaz

Miss Universe Spain 2021

Natalie's personal coaching helped me to focus on what's important in preparing for a pageant of global magnitude, especially in the energetic element. I also enjoyed taking Natalie's WIN THE CROWN Masterclass, which I highly recommend to every aspiring beauty queen and contestant.”


I am an author, Winning Energy coach and Miss Universe 2005, and I'm going to share with you how to become an unstoppable force in the competition with thoughts and emotions so powerful, that you will effortlessly channel the winning energy to advance to the top.

If you have a dream to wear the prestigious crown and compete on the national and international stage proudly representing your state or country, please listen...

You are powerful and you can create anything!

You just need to tap into that vibrational frequency which we all have access to.  

Get all of my winning methods to gain self-confidence, belief in yourself and to uncover your limitless potential in order to compete at the highest level.