Week 1 » Instructions

Dear Winner, 

Welcome to your transformative journey with me in Win the Year Masterclass. I am certain that you are eager to get going and kickstart the process of becoming someone you can fall in love with every day!

Theme of this week: Learning to be a visionary


  • The truth about how Law of Attraction works and the missing element
  • Setting the "macro-intentions"
  • Choosing the Winning Values of your life
  • Finding your "WHAT" and "WHY"

What else you will learn:

  • How to find your life purpose in 5 minutes
  • My color of success
  • Which chakras are out of balance and how to align your chakras

This week's assignments:

  • Choose your top 5 values from "My Values" sheet
  • Complete the "I Am" Exercise
  • Make a drawing of your "Desired New Reality"
  • Test your "Winning-Meter" with the quiz (link on FB group and in Teachable platform)
  • Read the "Complete Chakra Guide & Self-Assessment" eBook, and do the evaluation of your chakra imbalance

Once you pick your top values, decide what color represents "winning" to you, and narrow down the "WHAT" - an image of your new reality is going to start forming in your mind. That is a great first step towards building a winning life!

I am so excited to see the progress you make over the next several weeks and months as you implement your values and intentions, and move towards living your new reality!

Keep the winning vision,


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