We continue with module 3 of WIN THE CROWN Masterclass!

One of the most commonly asked questions I get is how to stay in the best shape for and beyond the competition. This week I will show you some of my best tools for managing and controlling your weight while being fully aware of the relationship you have with food and your body.

We will also touch deeper on reprogramming our subconscious beliefs, especially when it comes to diets, exercise and body image.

Theme of the week: Living a Healthy Happy Beautiful Life


  • Find your eating type & transform your relationship with food
  • Creating your most powerful affirmations
  • Healthy Diets to try / find one for yourself
  • Exercise plan that you can build into your lifestyle

What else you will learn:

  • How to stay mindful when it comes to food and exercise
  • Finding your "why" to help motivate you
  • Natalie's Healthy Happy Beautiful nutrition tips to get in the best shape and energy
  • Intermittent fasting pros and cons

This week's assignments:

  • Continue Kundalini chakra pranayama exercise or breathwork guided video daily
  • Practice the Solar plexus charging exercise (video tutorial)
  • Complete the My Winning Day and My Affirmations worksheets
  • Please watch the following video: Draw your future - TEDx
  • Draw your desired new reality (or make a vision board as discussed in the lecture)

This week's challenge:

  • Follow my "Core & pelvic floor workout" (video tutorial) 3 times this week
  • Make a healthy eating plan based on your preferred diet and stick to it
  • Record your affirmations based on your eating type in your own voice and listen before sleep

Book recommendations:

  • Healthy Happy Beautiful eBook - it's part of your bonus and you will learn how I managed to stay in shape with a full travel schedule and dining out all year as Miss Universe 2005
  • I Am Winning by me :) If you want to activate an underactive solar plexus and get charged up, my book will provide you with systems and routines you can add to your daily habits. Plus, read stories of people who will motivate and uplift you to win every day! Available on Amazon
  • The Trophy Effect by Michael A. Nitti - it will teach you how to assign mental trophies to yourself and start collecting those to raise your self-worth and confidence
  • You Can Be Thin by Marissa Peer - one of the most famous hypno-therapists in the world who developed Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) and someone who has battled eating disorders in her young life, this book can help you address all of your eating patterns and bring awareness to why, when, what and how you eat.

Win your day, win your life!


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